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Rights and Prohibitions of Owners of NFTs and Purchase benefits images


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The Japanese version has been revised.

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*Hereafter, the NFT purchaser is refer to as the owner.

the owner of the NFT and the purchase privilege image is abbreviated as the owner.



1. Author's rights


The copyright of the NFT and Purchase benefits images belongs to the author.


2. Rights of owners


Hereafter, the NFT purchaser is referred to as the owner.


The owner can resell the NFT in the market where you purchased it.


3. Authors and Owners, Common Rights


Both sides can use NFT on SNS.


Both sides can exhibited NFTs digitally by metaverses, monitors, etc.


For Purchase benefits images, please read "4. Handling of Purchase benefits images".


* The author does not exhibit the original data as it is, out of consideration for the owner.

Lower the resolution and add a watermark, or display only a part of the image at the original resolution and disable right-click copy.


4. Handling of Purchase benefits images


What is the purchase bonus image?


It is the image with original color and resolution provide to the owner. because the phenomenon that the color tone changes slightly when the image is converted to NFT occurs and the metallic shine is dulled.


Click here for specific examples


Purchase benefits images are privileged images that can only be viewed and obtained by the owner, so please be careful when handling them.

If the owner want to use or display this image on SNS, please lower the resolution, add a watermark, and completely prevent copying if the resolution is the original.

If leaked, the value may decrease.


If the owner want to publicize the beauty of real images, please use the NIKOICHI site.


Also, in the future, when the author converts to NFT, if the color of the image does not change from the original, please understand that the value and necessity of the Purchase benefits images will disappear.


5. Rights after resale


Owner loses all rights.

After resale, please relinquish all image and executable rights owned by the owner.


6. Prohibited matters

The following are the prohibited matters for handling of the owner's NFT and Purchase benefits images.


Commercial use is not allowed.


Trademark registration is not allowed.


Print and productization are not allowed.


Copying and distribution are not allowed.


The NFT be re-NFTed is not allowed.


The Purchase benefits image be NFT is not allowed.


Only the Purchase benefits image be resell or sell is not allowed.


Use in contexts, images, videos, etc. that are offensive to public order and morals is prohibited.


Examples: Use for falsehood, misleading, fraud, slander, discrimination, violence, customs, obscenity, and other illegal content.


7. Disclaimer


The author is not responsible for any problems on the NFT market or NFT platform.


The author is not responsible if the owner loses or damages the NFTs and Purchase benefits images.

The owner may be held liable if the value of the NFTs and Purchase benefits images decreases accordingly.



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Revision in June 30, 2023

The author NIKOICHI Kanji Art TSUKI

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