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Self Introduction

I inherited the name of my beloved cat Luna who lived together for 20 years

and made it the author name "TSUKI".

I graduated from college of engineering after graduating high school of art system.

I graduated from designing and researching the science and retired due to sickness.

After that I started the work of design as a work that I can do at home.

I like nature. I want to cherish it.



Nakanugakuen High School Advanced Course Art Course


After I won the youngest prize in "Illustration the Choice", 

As if to compensate for missing parts. .

I aimed for a university in science in order to study science and mathematics that I am not good at.

Yokohama National University Faculty of Engineering substance Engineering

I studied at the night course.

From morning till evening I worked at a science science company.

I spent 2 years more to enter the university and also spent 2 years more to graduate.

I entered a laboratory in the field of quantum mechanics, but work was not useful because it was research on thermodynamics and chemistry.

I completely forgot what I studied at college. . .


However, now the idea of science is useful for studying my intractable illness!

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