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Stainless Keychain 義行,とも子 & ゆり子..

Appearance change by the degree of light.

The pattern on the back is "Qinghai wave".

Back side are hidden in consideration.

Stainless Keychain

Yoshiyuki, Tomoko, and Yuriko..

NIKOICHI can design some names in one.

Let's make your original logo with your name!

If you make your original logo you can make various works. You should try ^-^..

Yuriko who rest in peace

has been together dad and mam forever. ..^-^..


Kanji Art,Chinese Characters Art,Japanese Art,Japanese Calligraphy,Shodo of NIKOICHI

#kanjiart #name #名前 #漢字アート #sealingtape #sign #keychain



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