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Plum blossom, Moon, and 令和


Plum blossom, Moon, and 令和

In Showa,

We made things that we can make,

while wishing for good for our family,

and we have become rich.

In Heisei,

We wished for happiness individually,

Things were saturated naturally.


Things and we were naturally damaged and taken away.

On the other hand,

We realized that we were damaging and depriving nature.

In Reiwa,

What do we wish and what do we make..?

Let's make your original logo with your name!

If you make your original logo you can make various works. You should try ^-^/

At NIKOICHI can also produce such art!


Kanji Art,Chinese Characters Art,Japanese Art,Japanese Calligraphy,Shodo of NIKOICHI

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