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SUZUKI Mobile Wallpaper

  • 鈴木とは田の穂積みに立てた一本の棒を意味します。









    Suzuki is the Japanese surname.

    The meaning of the word is a bell tree

    The origin of the historical name is as follows.

    Its name represents a single rod stabbed in rice harvested

    It will do to invite God (Inami: Ukamida).

    Mr. Suzuki is regarded as its incarnation.

    The ancestor is "Mononobe" who is a citizen of the Yamato nation.

    * It is a "Tomonomiyatuko" of a clan who influences the regime of the Imperial Court

    It is the descendant of "Mr. Hozumi of Mononobe clan" who was in charge of military and punishment.

    Current Wakayama prefecture and southern part of Mie prefecture Kii country Kumano clan.

    It spread out by propagation activity of Kumano Shrine.


    引用:名字由来net 鈴木

       コトバンク 伴造

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