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SATO Mobile Wallpaper

  • 藤原秀郷の子孫。




    *左衛門尉で有名な日本人は遠山の金さん(遠山 景元)


    Sato is the Japanese surname.

    The meaning of the word is "assistant wisteria"

    The origin of the historical name is as follows.

    Descendants of Fujiwara Hideno.

    "藤=To=Fuji" means Mr. Fujiwara.

    "佐=Sa" is Shimotsukenokuni Sanosho (Sano city, Tochigi prefecture),

    or the name of a job title of "Saemonnojyou".

    * Famous "Saemonnojyou" in Japan is Mr. Kagemoto Toyama.




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